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In the first half of 2023, the Panama Ship Registry, under the leadership of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), has demonstrated solid growth and efficient management in the maritime industry. With more than 5.9 million Gross Register Tons added in this period, the Panamanian fleet now has 8,662 ships, which together add up to 249.8 million Gross Register Tons, according to data from the IHS Markit platform.

These positive achievements are attributed to service improvements, investment in technology and staff training, in addition to the incentive scheme offered to customers. The AMP has maintained a focus on providing support and personalized attention to its clients, in collaboration with the Private Consulates of the Merchant Marine and the international Technical Offices.

The maritime industry offers countless opportunities for young Panamanians interested in an exciting and ever-evolving career. The recent strength shown by the Panamanian Ship Registry is an example of the potential that this industry offers. From vessel retention to recruiting young fleets to promoting new construction, the Panama Maritime Authority is committed to creating a successful and sustainable maritime environment.

For young people looking for a career in the maritime field, these positive numbers reflect a wide range of career opportunities. From fleet management to marine technology and environmental stewardship, the maritime industry in Panama is full of possibilities for those willing to embark on a journey of learning and growth. With the support and vision of the Panama Maritime Authority, young Panamanians can sail towards a bright future in the vast and exciting maritime world.