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At the Maritime Professional Institute of Panama, we are committed to excellence in maritime education and the constant search for opportunities to enrich the learning of our students. It was with great enthusiasm that we recently participated in the 2nd Forum of Higher Education Centers and Institutes, an event that brings together educational institutions to discuss and share ideas on continuous improvement in higher education. This experience not only provided us with valuable insight into current trends in education, but also allowed us to highlight our commitment to quality maritime training.

Participating in the 2nd Forum of Higher Education Centers and Institutes allowed us to learn from other educational institutions, hear about innovative educational approaches, and learn about the latest trends in the field of higher education. Through panel discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions, we explore how to adapt and improve our strategies to further benefit our students and stay ahead of the curve in preparing for success in the maritime industry.

One of the most valuable aspects of the forum was the opportunity to establish connections and networks with colleagues from other institutions. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes with educators and leaders from different disciplines and regions enriched our perspective and provided us with a supportive community in the pursuit of educational excellence.

At the Maritime Professional Institute of Panama, we will continue to move towards educational excellence in the maritime field, preparing our students to excel in an ever-changing world.