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The middle school contributes effectively to the integral and permanent formation of young people and adults through the following three (3) baccalaureates approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Panama, through Resolution 3257 of July 11, 2018.

The Initiative

The initiative to implement this learning method was born from the need to improve and contribute every day to the progress of maritime careers with the aim of training students capable of facing higher studies and facing with greater efficiency and effectiveness the demands of the national and international maritime labor world. international and thus achieve that Panama is a first world nation in the maritime and port field. What you will be able to learn in the maritime baccalaureate is about the Ship Port System, Ship Types, their Cargoes, safety equipment and accessories, piloting, execution, registration of ships and yachts. This baccalaureate is created to train our young people who are the future of Panama We offer this bachelor’s degree for the tenth and eleventh grade area with very affordable costs. Onboard training is supported by exercises that include, but are not limited to, the following:

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