Bachelor of Commerce - average level.

The MARITIME PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE OF PANAMA prepares professionals in the Bachelor of Commerce, where they can develop the management, direction and control of companies linked to national and international organizations, markets, and environment. His training allows him to internationalize companies and are aimed at the acquisition by the student of a general training, in one or several disciplines, oriented to the preparation for the exercise of activities of a professional nature carrying out advice, promotion, business techniques, formulation and evaluation of projects for the export and import of goods and services with a strategic vision. Benefits of studying the Commercial Baccalaureate

  • Acquisition of basic administrative, accounting, and financial knowledge.
  • It is a baccalaureate that, due to its technical studies, allows an easy insertion in the labor area.
  • Foster leadership skills, teamwork, collaborative, analytical, organizational, persuasive and have supervisory skills.

This bachelor's degree is offered for the area of Tenth, eleventh, twelfth with affordable costs and a short duration.

Bachelor in Tourism

It focuses on preparing professionals in various areas such as: geography, history, and languages, in the same way the graduate will obtain a solid training in key aspects such as management and marketing, learning to project and market tourist destinations, developing skills at a national and international level.

Studying tourism, you will have concrete possibilities in a labor field and the ability to manage your own tourism enterprise. It is also intended that the student learn administrative concepts and research methodology to generate new attractive places where they will know and understand knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and application of ideas.