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Higher technician English Careers.

Higher technician English Careers

MARITIME PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE OF PANAMA , committed to our flagship Slogan "Be part of many Panamanians already embarked, generating competitive salaries and traveling around the world." Arrives in David, Chiriquí as the only Maritime Training Center in the Chiricana community, offering the Higher Technician in English with three specialties.

The accreditations, and approvals of MARITIME PROFESIONAL INSTITUTE OF PANAMA include the certification by APPLUS of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 (Certificate ECMX-1279/18) and the resolved 325 of January 16, 2013, approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Panama.


1-For the Maritime Industry and Cruises with emphasis on Hospitality and Seamanship.

You don't speak English. Do you want to improve it?

With our Superior Technicians in English with an emphasis on the maritime industry and cruise ships with an emphasis on port security and on-board call center and computing, hospitality, and seamanship: you will be able to apply faster in any hotel area or even better you will be able to work in a cruise line earning wages competitive and with accessible costs and in a short learning time.

2-For the Tourism Industry with emphasis on Tourism Business Administration.

MARITIME PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE OF PANAMA offers the graduate vast knowledge and learning, where he will be able to acquire and work in areas such as:


3-For the Tourism Industry with emphasis on Hotel and Restaurant Management.

The Tourism Business Administration also prepares professionals in Tourism and Tourism Services who can carry out: Research, Planning and Exploitation of a currently growing tourism industry, with this technician you can have a high profile in knowledge and work in different places such as

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